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Increasing wireless coverage

  • Hi,

    I am planning to use raspberry and onion together on one of my projects. And onion will/can be far away from raspberry on same cases. I was just wondering if I can increase wifi reception and boost output with just soldering regular wifi antenna to onion. Because, onion will be inside a box and I dont want project to fail on customer environment, which cant accurately predictable. I dont want to use a usb wifi adapter so device can run with a small solar panel and I dont want to ship it with mini/dock.


  • Hi @esunayg, I apologize for the late reply. When we were testing the WiFi output signal for the Omega, we found that soldering a regular external antenna didn't have any significant impact on the WiFi signal level. However, I believe results will be very different if you try a high-gain or directional antenna. Unfortunately we haven't done any test there, so we don't have any data to back up that claim.

  • Thank you for your reply @boken-lin , I will test with usb wifi adapter to be safe. I hope I wont need, but better safe than sorry.

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