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Boot from SD

  • Hey, I'm evaluating the Omega2S+ for use in an industrial project.

    I would like to create my own linux image with all the kernel stuff and userland that I need as I will run a custom C program. I'm somewhat faimilar with buildroot and mostly understand the process to do this.

    I'm hoping that only bootloader can live in the embedded flash memory (and maybe a recovery imae) but the it will boot the kernel and rootfs from the SD card so that I can easily reflash a new firmware image just by removing the sd card and reflashing from a PC (as it's done in the rpi).

    Extra points if its easy to define a dual boot partition scheme is supported in the boot loader to get 100% secure OTA updates.

    Is this something that can be done? I have been reading the docs and it seem usb boot is supported but not from SD card as far as I can see.

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