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USB Serial Port Support?

  • I have a USB serial port interface (e.g. for DB9). Will this work with the Omega? I was hoping to use JS, but seems like that's not baked yet so I can use Python. But just wondering about the serial hardware itself.

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    @Max-Metral Yes we have precompiled all the popular USB to serial drivers on to the Omega firmware. just plug your USB serial adaptor in to the USB port on any of the docks and you should see /dev/ttyUSB showing up on your Omega.

  • Do your Python and NodeJS packages support access to the USB/Serial port? For example how do I install the "pyserial" Python package to access the Serial Port / USB (/dev/ttyUSB as an e.g.) from the Python code?

  • @Ashu-Joshi would subprocess work for you in place of pyserial?

  • Never heard of that BUT yesterday I got it working. I have enough storage because I am using the Overlay on the SD Card so I install PIP, and then installed pyserial and was able to make it work. Waiting for the NodeJS support to become available.

  • šŸ‘ šŸ‘ I too would love a precompiled version of the serialport npm package delivered via opkg as I dont think npm node-gyp compilation is ever going to work.

    This is the way the Arduino Yun supports serial via nodejs (it also uses same chipset and similar openwrt distro).

    I noticed opkg has a node-usb package one but it doesnt seem to do anything. Cant find it on the file system, neither as npm global package or under /usr/bin directory, I also cant seem to use it via require('usb').

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