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Some updates to new-gpio

  • I have produced some updates to the new-gpio library and test program as I have previously documented.
    The details of the changes and the source code will be supplied later.

    For now, this post just supplies the main changed/new items as attachments:

    1. libNew-GPIO.so - this is just the original dynamic link library for new-gpio as has been previously supplied
    2. libnew-gpio.a - this is a static link library for new-gpio - it provides the same functionality as the dynamic link library but is intended for those who would prefer to use a static library
    3. new-gpiotest - this is the latest version of the utility test program. The specific differences from the previous version are:
      • This is now statically linked to the libnew-gpio.a static library so there is no need to install the library separately
      • For that functionality that it has in common with fast-gpio, it now uses exactly the same parameters as fast-gpio for using that functionality
      • It has two additional command parameters expled and expledstop which are used to provide exactly the same functionality as the current expled script as well as providing functionality to stop any currently running expled
    4. new-gpiotest-usage.txt - this is a text file that defines for reference the usage of the new-gpiotest program and its parameters

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