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Using scanf seems to let the program freeze

  • Hi,

    just a briefly question. If I use simple printf function the program does what it should and displays the print line in the terminal. If I use additionally scanf than the programm does nothing and seems frozen. Not even the printf line will then be displayed anymore.

    Does anyone know why? Use of the wrong data type (integer)? Or maybe too much for memory or something like that?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @CyrilSneer I have some string sitting on my desk. Can you tell me how long it is please?

    This is the same as your question, there is no specific information so it is not possible to answer your question. As a first step perhaps you can share:

    1. What language you are using (script/C/python etc)
    2. A sample of your code
    3. How you are building your code
    4. What model Omega2 are you using
    5. What firmware version you are using

    All the basics

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