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AP maximum number of clients

  • Before going forward with integration in my project, I'm looking for an answer to this question : is there a hardware limitation on how many clients does the Omega2 AP accept ? If yes, which is it ?

    The question is not about DHCP ranges (which obviously exist, but don't really matter for the scope of the question); in my project I'm currently using ESP32s as APs, but, regardless of the DHCP range, they have a hardware limitation of 10 wifi clients, which cannot be overridden (without access to code that isn't public).

    So, does the Omega2 have a similar behavior ?

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

  • @stefanu The answer depends on a number of factors, if you are using the Wap Core wifi driver I have no idea, but its probably 16384.

    The standard OpenWrt driver has a maximum of of 16384 but suspect you'll get some performance issues long before you hit this volume.

    f you want to limit the maximum number of connections on your AP you can set it like so:

    option maxassoc '5'

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