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Routing for Omega access point

  • I have 2 Original Omega's, 1 is connected to the other as an access point. I wanted to try routing traffic from my PC to omega_A:
    omega_A ----> omega_B ----> Wifi router/modem <----- PC
    omega_A is on omega_B AP network.
    omega_B is on wifi network
    PC is on wifi
    I have added a route on my PC so that I can ping (omega_B):

    Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface

    But Omega_B doesn't seem to be routing traffic to what's connected to it.
    it's route table seems like it should...

    Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface * U 0 0 0 wlan0-1

    Appreciate any thoughts anybody might have.

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