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Onion Omega2+ HTTP connection question

  • I have opened an http server using a simple python command on my Onion Omega2+ (python3 -m http.server 300). When running this on my computer I am able to access the new http server on localhost:3000. How can I access it from my Onion and/or my computer when opening the http server on my Onion. The big picture here is I will open up a server on my computer using that same pythonn3 command, open a websocket tunnel and be able to access the server through the onion when I access the WS tunnel through it but for now I just want to connect to the port that I am opening.

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    @santi29051 if the http server is running on your Omega2 and you want to access it from your computer, you need to find the IP address of your Omega2.
    See this docs page for details: http://docs.onion.io/omega2-docs/finding-omega-ip-address.html

    Then on your computer put your browser to: http://<YOUR OMEGA'S IP>:3000

    good luck!

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