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Unable to ping clients connected on ethernet host

  • Hello Everyone,
    I'm following the Ethernet Host guide to create a network where connected Ethernet clients gets internet access.

    My client is getting the IP in the range 192.168.100.x, and able to ping internet and gateway IP (

    But I'm not able to ping from my router to connected ethernet client. I have a server running on connected ethernet client, which Omega is trying to reach, but unable to do so.

    Omega<=======Ethernet Link===========>Client PC/Machine
    Client PC is able to ping Gateway, but reverse is not happening.

    I searched for such issue in openwrt forums but didn't find any solution, tried working with several firewall configs.

    Am i missing anything here? How do i ping my lan client over ethernet?

  • Update

    After disabling or turning off OS firewall, openwrt was able to ping wired clients.

    This is not true for wireless clients. even if firewall is enabled , Openwrt router is able to ping wireless clients.

    Has anyone observed this same pattern?

  • @akhileshthorat please post your /etc/config/network and your /etc/config/wireless

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