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WPS push button support

  • Hi everyone,

    I am aware that there are at least two previous topics on the question of WPS but none of the comments helped me solve getting WPS push button support to work.

    And yes, I am fully aware of the vulnerabilities involved in using WPS and I personally would rather not implement it as well. But our customers request this feature a lot and are applying increasing pressure to get it implemented...

    And I know that OpenWRT (at least in the past) supported that: on a different product (which does not use an Onion Omega, but a similar module using an older version of OpenWRT) we have WPS working.

    But for a newer product we switched to a Omega2S+ (running Onion's OpenWRT fork extended by a couple of custom packages). And I have not yet been able to get WPS to work on there. Today I even tried the current beta of the 22.03.5 branch but had no luck getting WPS to work there either.

    Has anyone successfully connected their Onion to an WiFi access point using WPS and if yes, could you please share the steps involved?

    Thanks in advance,

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