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Available UARTs

  • It was not clear in the documentation, but how many UARTs are available on the Onion Omega? I know there is one, but is there more?

    Reason being is that I noticed the GPS expansion uses USB and obviously uses a USB serial port, but my application requires a USB port for audio capture via USB sound card. So I need GPS and USB audio.

    Was the reason for the decision to use a USB serial port on the GPS expansion because the Omega only has one UART? None of this is clear in the limited documentation.

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    @Jonathan-Rizzo The Omega has one UART available. We chose to use a USB serial port on the GPS Expansion because we are generally planning to move to USB-based expansions and the interface for this particular use case is very simple.

    We're working on expanding our hardware documentation, thank you for your patience and stay tuned!

  • Thank you for the reply! What solution would you have then, for use of multiple USB devices or more than one serial device for a battery powered application? Possibly this SoC wasn't made for applications for that, but maybe expansion boards could be made with USB hub controllers and a connection for an external power supply. I certainly would pay the extra cost.

  • @Jonathan-Rizzo Yup, it's certainly in our pipelines!

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