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Electrical specification Relay Expansion

  • I was not able to find any electrical specifications for the relays on the expansion port. So I got my magnifier glass out and read the maker and model from the parts.
    They seem to be Te Axicom IM03 relays.
    For future reference (from the manufacturers data):

    • Switching current 2/5A, switching power 60W/62.5VA and switching voltage 220VDC/250VAC
    • High dielectric and surge capability up to 2500Vrms between open contacts and 2500Vrms between coil and contacts

    Here is the link for the datasheet.

    If this data is not correct please feel free to point me to the right sources.

    Thank you.

  • @Sciscitor Thank you so much for posting this up :)! We'll be adding this information to our website so it's easier to search.

  • Good job! I'm planning on using my relay expansion for a Remote Power Strip test šŸ™‚ this will be useful!!

    Of course I need my battery expansion first! But it'll get here when it gets here, can't wait!

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