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Comments / questions on new arrival

  • Congratulations to Boken and the team for beautiful product and packaging! Now what the heck am I going to do with it!

    I think your docs should make clear that the Omega upon setup will be functioning as both an Access Point and as a Wi-Fi client at the same time! This is unusual and should be pointed out.

    Also the shutdown command in the GUI menu doesn't seem to work ... I tried poweroff in the GUI terminal and am not certain about the results. Don't we have to do a proper shutdown before turning the power switch off?

  • Thanks for the comment. We will touch up the Getting Started Guide accordingly.

    In terms of shutting down, we haven't experienced any problem (yet) with just powering off the Omega by unplugging the cable or the switch. Shutdown, log off and restart features have been added to the Console and will be posted in the latest update later this week.

  • So how soon will the other functionality discussed and displayed in the console start working. So far I've tried and been unsuccessful with the following:

    1. Changing the name of my Omega on the settings page
    2. Changing the time zone on the settings page
    3. Changing the password (I ended up doing it in the console
    4. No Apps link on the web page
    5. Shutdown/Restart - Logout does work
    6. Basic documentation on how to do some of the above things in the terminal, I got some of it to work, but apparently there are some unique commands.

    I have already updated the firmware, and I was able to install python.

  • Oh yeah, and I think someone else mentioned this, but using the Omega-ABCD.local doesn't work, I've had to use the IP address.

    I do really like that the AP works at the same time that I'm connected to my wifi network, that's extremely nice and convenient.

  • @Robert-Gusek 1, 2, 3, 5 will be working with the console update later this week. I'm not sure app links you are referring to in 4.

    You can view some basic documentations we have set up here: https://onion.freshdesk.com/support/home We will be moving these articles to our website and organize them a bit better.

  • The 'App Store' shown on the console at this url https://onion.io/console/

    I'm super excited, been playing around and figured out how to turn the LED off an on at least šŸ™‚

    Turn it off
    led.sh clear onion:amber:system

    Turn it back on
    led.sh set onion:amber:system

    I am easily amused šŸ™‚ And very excited about the potential of the Omega!!!

  • @Robert-Gusek Ah, I see what you are referring to. The App Store is something we are still beta testing. We are scheduling that for the the early December release of the console.

    Just in case you are wondering, we have a bi-monthly release schedule for the console. For example, the current version of console is the late October version, and the one that we will be releasing this week will be early November version, and so on.

  • @Robert-Gusek Are you using ABCD, or the actual name of your omega? It works for me using my correct letters, but there are mentions here of others that had to use the IP address. Seems like firefox and safari have bugs too that will be fixed soon too.

  • @Chris-Ward I had the same issue. I'm on windows, not sure if that makes a difference. The IP works well.

  • administrators

    @Antonin-Januska a few people have said that installing Apple's Bonjour service on their Windows machines allowed them to use the omega-ABCD.local address

  • @Chris-Ward Yes, I am using the specific address for my omega, which is 0ab1 and it still doesn't work. Only thing that does work is using the IP address whether I'm accessing it through it's on AP or if I'm on another wireless network, then that works fine. I've had it fail on Windows, iOS and OS x all using the chrome browser.

  • can sshfs instaleres on onions ? and if yes then which package can be used .
    with kind regards Lars...

  • @lars-jensen said:


    Is that sftp? If it is we can build it into busybox.

  • sftp would be cool if it could join the busybox. sshfs will also be cool, so you could make a nfs via ssh to another linux.
    I do not know if you can do it with SFTP

  • administrators

    @lars-jensen build 213 of the firmware includes a packages for SFTP šŸ™‚

  • it sounds good I will look forward to it coming . Is there a time frame for when ? šŸ‘Œ

  • @lars-jensen It's already released! Just do oupgrade to upgrade to it!

  • I will be glad to try it, I can understand that SFTP is the same as scp almost
    thanks for the good work that the team makes


  • Hi Guys, I'm on b215 and haven't had any luck trying to connect to sftp (using WinSCP).
    SSH works perfectly so do I need to install anything additionally through opkg or add any config to get sftp working?

    I've got PHP working with a secondary site config'd in uhttpd so I just want to be able to dump a few files on the board to test (and be able to pull 'em off before oupgrade to b216!)!


  • @Toby-Foord Was only able to connect to the onion with WinSCP in SCP mode over the wifi that the onion itself creates.
    Guessing I've some ports to open if I want to access it the other way around.

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