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Omega wont boot after expanding the memory.

  • So I follow the tutorial on how to expand my Omega's memory with piviot-root LINK HERE. And in step 3. when you had to do.

    umount /tmp/cproot

    I had to do

    umount /tmp/

    But now when I boot the device up with the usb it does not boot, when I take the usb out and power cycle it functions fine, what can I do to fix this i need to add more memory for my project.

  • Did you do step 4?
    Step 4. Configure Omega to Automount USB Storage Device on Boot

    just so you can boot from your USB stick.

  • Yeah, I finally got it to work by reformatting the usb and following the tutorial for piviot-overlay but now got a 8gb omega

  • now i remember ... it has to be formatted as ext4 ... see Addendum Procedures.
    Just if someone else has a similar problem.

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