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USB questions and Omega v2/Dock v2 design requests

  • Just thinking out loud here, but with the advent and expectation of rootfs via usb thumbdrive as a needed feature, I am curious as to whether the Onion docks themselves should have at least 2 usb ports? In a specific use case I wanted to do, I figured it'd be nice to have two separate usb hubs, and at least one of those able to provide power over if not both. This is a moot point if v2 of Omega had a metric butt ton of onboard flash memory, but I doubt that is a great way to go given that flash drives are numerous and cheap. Especially if the user driver profile solution I asked about in https://community.onion.io/topic/721/shim-layer-for-software-driver-profiles is housed on expandable flash memory. šŸ˜‰

    In any case, is the expectation that a usb hub be used in instances where we need more than one device conected?

    Also, is the usb hub a 3.0 compliant hub? And, is it powered?

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