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[Resolved] Resolved versus Unresolved

  • There really should be a method or system in place to help those having questions which merely scroll off into bitbucket-heaven. Meaning "unanswered". Reviving a question appears to agitate some community members but as we all know "There is no such thing as a stupid question".
    So maybe once a question is resolved it is moved to a "resolved section" . I know marking the subject "resolved is a great solution" but as the community grows questions slip by with well intended input but no solution.
    Everyone's time is valuable so hoping this might be a way to shorten the route to achieving everyone's end goal.

  • We have updated our forum guidelines to address this.

    • The list of guidelines as well as recommended troubleshooting tips is now pinned at the top of the GD category
    • Resolved topics will be marked as "resolved", and a list is available at the top of every forum page as well as in the guidelines
    • Added an advisory for users to post in other users' help requests only if they are offering input or if they are in the same situation
    • Added an advisory to post a new topic if a previous solution does not work, to avoid necro'ing old or outdated threads


  • @Gabriel-Ongpauco Outstanding.

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