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Arduino and Omega

  • Hi,

    I'm an Arduino programmer who just ordered an Onion because it looks cool. How will it interface with Arduino? I see that it works with internet connected devices. Does it just pass messages back and forth or something? What do I do to make it work with a standard board - just send signals on the pins? Is there docs somewhere that will help me understand better?



  • Hi @eric-marsh, the Arduino Dock interfaces with the Omega via I2C. The serial port from the Omega is also connected to the Arduino Dock. We are currently working on the following two things:

    1. Allowing the Omega to flash firmware to the Arduino Dock
    2. Creating a library to abstract the interactions between Omega and Arduino Dock.

    You can get Omega to communicate with regular Arduino boards by using I2C, or other communication protocols.

  • @eric-marsh I too would like to know this - see https://community.onion.io/topic/52/arduino-dock-examples and https://onion.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/134

    My understanding is that the Omega communicates with the Arduino Dock via I2C (from first link above):
    currently the Omega communicates with the Arduino Dock via I2C.

    I also understand that documentation, tutorials, examples etc. for handling the Arduino Dock are still under development.

    The Omega guys have a lot on their plate at the moment with the new releases and multiple questions (they are being very prompt and communicative in dealing with the questions), so I am just waiting patiently until it is available šŸ™‚

  • Hi @Boken-Lin would the functionality to flash firmware to the arduino dock mean that Omega users will be able to create arduino sketches using the console or CLI and have them uploaded directly to the arduino dock from the Onion Omega? If it means that users can write arduino compatible sketches directly in the Omega and have those sketches flashed this would be amazing as it would allow users to wirelessly update or tweak sketches and do so without the arduino IDE. That would even allow users/students to take the omega, the arduino dock, some shields and code sketches on the go via a mobile phone.

  • @Kit-Bishop Thank you for your patience and understanding šŸ™‚

    @Maurice That's something we are researching into. It seems that having the entire toolchain to compile for arduino on the Omega would be very difficult. However, we are looking into a solution involving compiling Arduino sketches on our cloud and have it downloaded before pushing the binary to the Arduino Dock.

  • Was wondering if something like INO could run or be built in the Omega tools?


    It looks like it depends on the Arduino IDE files which might not fit on the Omega.

  • @Maurice I think fitting just the INO tools in the Omega should be no problem. However, i'm sure it probably depends on quite a bit of stuff to work (compilers, toolchain, etc, which comes with the Arduino IDE), and these dependencies will probably not fit in the Omega. I think we definitely can use this tool on the Omega, we just need to complete the compilation process on the cloud.

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