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Request for correction of or addition to "Sort by" option on community posts

  • When viewing community posts in the various Categories, there is a drop down that allows sorting by:

    • Newest to Oldest
    • Oldest to Newest
    • Most post

    Currently when viewing by "Newest to Oldest" the order does not appear to truly reflect the order of the latest posts to the topics. For example, right at the moment, the topics in the "General Discussion" category sorted "Newest to Oldest" lists topics in the following order with date/times so:

    • 11 days ago
    • 19 days ago
    • 28 days ago
    • 4 hours ago
    • 7 hours ago
    • 2 days ago

    and so on šŸ˜ž

    Either there is something wrong with the coding of the sorting or we need a new sort option to sort by date of latest post to topics

    Not a big issue, but I like to keep track of what is going on and this requires what people have most recently said.

  • @Kit-Bishop
    The "Newest to Oldest" sorting option does sort by latest post; the date you see in the list is the topic's creation date. I have just replied to a bunch of threads just now and you should be able to see them all lined up at the top.


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