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SIM card expansion?

  • Would be great to have a SIM card expansion dock for mounting additional memory for storage.

  • Do you mean an SD card expansion?

  • @Steve-Fister If you would be wanting to mount an SD card to provide additional system memory, that would be really cool if it was doable (@Boken-Lin ????)

    However, if you just want additional disk space, I am doing the following:

    • Plug a miniature USB memory stick into the standard USB connector - this should be formatted for FAT or EXT - I'm currently using a 32 Gbyte stick - so more space than I can envisage needing
    • Create a directory to mount the usb drive to - <mount-directory> - I use /sub
    • Use mount /dev/sda1 <mount-directory> - then you can access the memory stick via <mount-director>
    • So it is always available, I add the line mount /dev/sda1 <mount-directory> to my /etc/profile file.
    • Note that if <mount-directory> is outside the /etc directory, it will get lost after any oupgrade and will need to be recreated

  • @Boken-Lin Yes, I mean an SD card expansion board. I currently have a web cam plugged into the USB port, so I cannot put a USB memory stick in there. In this case, that's where a SD card expansion board would come in nicely! @Kit-Bishop , if my USB port was available, that's exactly what I'd do! Thanks for the tip!!

  • @Steve-Fister Yup, that's definitely in the plan. We will start to work on it once all the current expansions are done and everything shipped šŸ™‚

  • @Steve-Fister Have you tried plugging in a USB port expander?
    I just tried plugging in a port expander with 2 USB sticks plugged in to it.
    I was able to access both USB sticks.

    • One of them on /dev/sda1
    • The other on /dev/sdb1
      Each mounted to a different directory and all access with both plugged in simultaneously was fine

  • @Kit-Bishop No, I haven't. I figured that it would work, but when it comes to "packaging" the entire setup, a port expander takes up some real estate! I'd probably have to remove the casing of the port expander to slim things down a bit.

  • @Boken-Lin Excellent!

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