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Relay Module

  • After reviewing the schematics happen to notice the relays on the Relay module are DPDT now for controlling DC motor with forward and reverse.0_1466459107211_DPDT.png

  • @Guest Well, no actually šŸ˜ž

    Though the schematics indicate the relays are DPDT:

    1. Because both poles are connected in parallel (4 connected to 5 and 3 connected to 6) the relay acts as a single pole relay
    2. Because 2 and 7 have no external connection (only common 3/6 and switched 4/5 are connected externally) the relay acts as a single thow on/off relay - energised = ON; de-energised = OFF

  • Yeah I saw that but if the layout shows where those traces are located could cut the jumper, the pins are soldered in could attach connections directly to the pins. May or may not work won't know till I try.

  • Guess what I need to investigate is if the layout drawings are available.

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