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WiFi connection with IPv4 only

  • Just got my new Omega and tried connecting to WiFi.

    It detects my AP correctly and from the logs it looks like it authenticates but then can't connect to the internet. It looks like it's trying to do an IPv6 connection (which my router doesn't support). Is there a way to do IPv4 connection?

  • @Marcin-Floryan Hmmm, it should support both. Would you be able to paste the out put of cat /etc/config/wireless here? You can block out your wifi password if you want.

  • Just double-checking... when it connects to wifi it should dhcp for an address. I'm noticing on mine that it does pull an address, but ignores the DNS configuration instead opting for using itself as a DNS server and I have direct external DNS queries blocked at the router except for my DNS server.... have you checked /etc/resolv.conf to see if it's updating? If you manually edit it and point it to your DNS server does it start working?

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