Thank you for the suggestion with the power supply. This morning I have tried a number of different power supply units (including the official rPi3 plug and cable) and this allowed me to get the device setup and SD card expanded as per the guides. Issue now is the wifi looses connection to my home internet? The AP is still up but the 'second connection' to the router fails? If it helps, I use apple airport router and a number of AP. The wifi failed on both router/ap AND also failed when tethering to my mobile phone wifi hotspot? Now if I boot the device up with the ethernet expansion board connected (I use the expansion dock with my Omega2+) I can get network address/connectivity from my router/network. But again, remove the ethernet module and I am back to only having the ability to SSH/WebConsole via the Omega AP. Could this be power related?, The Omega is using the latest firmware available from the Onion repos and flashed using the onion guides. Many thanks