I have an Omega 2 and an Omega 2+. The Omega 2 seems to be fine, but the Omega 2+ had a problem wherein it would work initially, but on reboot would shutdown and not restart with no activity on the serial lines. Removing and restoring power did not work, but if it sat for a while, then it would boot and apparently operate normally until the next reboot. The behavior was repeatable over sessions on a few different day. On the hunch that there was an intermittent solder connection somewhere on the board that caused a failure only during the boot process, I used a SMD heat gun to reflow the discrete parts on the Omega 2+ bottom side and it seems to have resolved the issue for now. I recognize that this is the sort of fault that can slip through product test, but it is indicative of a process problem in the board build, so I thought it worth pointing out.