@Anil-Kulkarni another thing to check out is it does not seem to be registering as uvc [usb video class] most likely because omega2 has no driver and neither does that camera. that is a playstation 3 camera which does not have onboard driver for window or linux so usually you need to install one. if you can find cheese and install that it probably might then have a driver which will recognize that camera a a video device. if not cheese then do a search for other video packages. there is another called vlc that might have a package , i don't know. you could always go to openwrt website and do search on video packages. edit: also you might save time if you just search google. took me 3 minutes to find this and although it's old it still may help you. there are others, btw, but i already used about 10 min. so time to move on. good luck. http://blog.10100111001.com/2009/02/playstation-3-eye-web-cam-working-on.html