Over these past couple of weeks I've had this sinking feeling in my stomach, but I tried to ignore it. O2 has so much potential, so why not give it the benefit of the doubt? However, when reading the various posts on the forum, and following the community (which Lustig is right, its amazing), I noticed O2 and ancillary products were riddled with flaws. Then, I noticed flaws kept coming, but solutions were sparse. To add, I don't see Onion really jumping into gear to fix and maintain a smooth product. Granted, I realize they must be so busy right now, but I still think they should have anticipated getting very busy with orders as well as the need to provide tech support for the patrons with their orders. Just the other day Onion sent me the tracking number for my order, so I'm sure I'll get my order soon. That said, this post (and its responses) kind of confirmed that sinking feeling in my stomach. Therefore, if my order lives up to its promise, then I'll let you (the community) know.