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The best place for the Onion Omega is the trash!!! Never again!

  • I know, it sounds like a troll is trying to talk down a good project cause its to big for his small mind. But thats realy not the case. I still think that the basic idea of the O.O. is just great and that there r a million of uses for a cheap and easy to use board like O.O. was announced and promoted. I was a early addopter of the first O.O. cause it offered a easy to understand gui and sooo many gpios of all kind. On top of that, there was eaven a appstore promoted. For me as a allmost typical "hardware-guy" with limited skills in writing programmcode, it looked like a nerd-dream become real for a reasonable price.
    That euphoric mood died pretty fast! There was no Appstore, Gpios have been there like announced, but without good programming skills just easy to use with the orginal hardware hardware of the onion omega company! That was verry dissapointing and i could just use the board as a router/wifi-extender. But i thought thats just temporary like on many new products that came to the market. I was waiting and waiting, checking out this forum and the O.O Page, installed every update, hoping the device will finaly be useable for me. But to be honest, things have gotten worse and not better!! Since day 1 there r no changes in the gui, no new apps, nothing except kernel incompatibilitys and new never seen before errors!!!
    Than finally came the day i was waiting for: The appstore was available!!! Happy Happy, joy joy, at least for about 3 seconds till i realised that the store is just a Windows application and not what the rest of the world would call a appstore, cause those typicaly on the device and not deppending on a other device!!! I skip to say something about the stupidity of making a windows/osx only application to interact with a device that runs linux native .
    At the end i wasted uncounted hours of fixing and trying to make my O.O useable, just to discover new issues with the next update!
    I read in this forum about a lot of users with allmost the same experience again and again. Its so unbelievable sad to see the brilliant idea of a easy to use and flexible diy IOT device verry slowly diying. It brought together a great community that support each other without the typical wannabe wiseguy attitude of most other boards.
    Thats also a big reason why i wrote all this down, i wanna thank all the people here, your patience and knowledge is unbelieveable. Please never change that and stay the way u r.

    But for the owners of onion.io i just got one message. But cause i dont want to get sued for saying out loud at which place they should stuff onions in watermellon size, i end up with a nice: c u, ps: karma is like a boomerang. Enjoy it šŸ™‚

  • Kind of support that.

    It's not worth to buy for around $20 but also really hard to use without docks or any handmade board since there are only 2mm pins.
    With shipping it becomes not so cheap and it makes O2 almost useless for most of possible applications.

    Yes, O2 has many GPIO pins and it can be helpful if you plan to build some kind of robotic platform or automatic plant with bunch of sensors and controllers.
    In the same time O2 consumes too much power for dumb MQTT sensor reader (and there's ESP8266 for that).
    But since this board has not so much RAM it's impossible to run something like Home Assistant or so. In that case you will prefer RPi/C.H.I.P./etc.

    Building custom linux distro also not so easy and only way is to stick with LEDE. Not a bad one but there is still some troubles with mt76 driver.

  • Thats why they may use onion as their brand name ... you just get tears if you work with it.

  • Over these past couple of weeks I've had this sinking feeling in my stomach, but I tried to ignore it. O2 has so much potential, so why not give it the benefit of the doubt? However, when reading the various posts on the forum, and following the community (which Lustig is right, its amazing), I noticed O2 and ancillary products were riddled with flaws. Then, I noticed flaws kept coming, but solutions were sparse.

    To add, I don't see Onion really jumping into gear to fix and maintain a smooth product. Granted, I realize they must be so busy right now, but I still think they should have anticipated getting very busy with orders as well as the need to provide tech support for the patrons with their orders.

    Just the other day Onion sent me the tracking number for my order, so I'm sure I'll get my order soon. That said, this post (and its responses) kind of confirmed that sinking feeling in my stomach. Therefore, if my order lives up to its promise, then I'll let you (the community) know.

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