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Omega 2 Chip Antenna

  • I realize I'm probably a bit too late on this due to FCC testing, but from an RF standpoint, you might consider tilting the LED on top by 90 degrees and shifting it closer to the shield and extending the copper keepout area for better chip-antenna range, assuming there's nothing going on on inner layers in that area.

    I'm sure you guys have an RF person on staff anwyays and have already thought about this, but I just wanted to make note of it.

    Edit: It does look like the bottom copper was shrunk a bit on the latest revision, though I don't see any via stitching on the ground plane by the Onion logo/LED, just incase the FCC testing comes back negatory.


  • i think they even have a copper infill underneath the antenna spot on their docks, so yeaah...

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