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Logitecg C600 webcam

  • Hi All,

    Trying to get the Logitech C600 working with the Mini dock. It is apparently a UVC device and I can see it under lsusb when plugging it in but nothing shows up under /dev/video. dmesg shows:

    [ 165.810000] usb 1-1: new high-speed USB device number 3 using ehci-platform

    I'm thinking it might be a power issue perhaps as it apparently needs 500ma, couldn't find any specs on how much the mini dock provides.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I would venture guessing that the power provided to the USB connector of the Mini Dock comes from the mini-USB connector, thus it is the specs of the power supply that YOU provide into the mini-USB connector. It looks like the USB cam is detected as a generic device, so perhaps that the linux uvc driver is missing from your Omega. (I don't have an Omega, so I can't check that part.)

  • @fossette you da best, upping the power supply has done the trick thanks mate. Thought the Usb output might have been limited.

  • There is a physical current limit, but it's way beyond your 500 mA use. This limit is determined by the size of the relevant PCB traces. Once this threshold is crossed, the dock will become abnormally hot, to the point where the PCB traces will literally burn like an end-of-life tungsten light bulb, plus smoke. Then, GAME OVER !!

    This phenomenon is only fun when you provoke it on purpose.

    So, when adding new hardware/gadget/stuff, it's always a good idea to feel if the devices' temperature remain stable. Warning, some devices do get very hot, and it's by design (like a CPU). There are tools to take the temperature from afar to keep your fingers safe.

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