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Omega External Access

  • Hi All,

    I have my own domain and hosting for a "company" website which I haven't really been using. Anyway I wanted to make the webcam attached to my omega accessable externally. I have added an A record that forwards to my home IP (I am with a provider that gives me a static IP). I also forwarded port 80 on my home modem to my omega. I can access the omega splash page fine and navigate to the webcam page but never get any images. Could it be that the 8080 port is conflicting with default external access?

  • Generally speaking TCP ports like 80 and 8080 are distinct. I don't have your setup, so it's hard for me to answer your question specifically. One thing is for sure, if your modem enables TCP80 trafic, your images need to be delivered on TCP80 as well.

    To be sure, what is the URL (web address) of your images?

  • As i know the omega has a firewall active ... so 8080 is might not open for the modem network. And not forget to check the modem for port forwarding of 8080 (you have to access as xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080).

    Maybe have a look in the wiki about the router/wireless extender tutorial for the omega, to see how to configure the firewall from it.

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