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Onion Omega 2 flash?

  • Hi, I've asked this before, but I think this might be a little different, so yeah...
    Can I somehow flash the Onion Omega 2 with another OS? I want to flash it with DebianWRT, with is OpenWRT Debianized. I'm just a Debian fan so yeah can I???
    Also I wish the Onion Omega team made an app for macs and pcs and DEFINITLEY linux machines to communicate with the Omega off-line cuz I live in a dorm and so the wifi shuts down at 10 pm.

  • Even though you mention a 'different' OS, it's the same principle, so I have nothing more to add than on your previous thread here:

    PS: About your dorm WiFi shutting down at 10pm, not a problem because the Omega2 can be set to be an actual WiFi access point.

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