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Switching a large electrical load

  • Hi All,

    Does anyone have a good solution to switch either a 1 or 2kW resistive (or inductive if possible) load?

    Any method is fine, either a wifi IoT type device that can be controlled or sent a command direct from the onion (without ifttt or some other cloud service in the way) or a contactor that I can connect to the Onion relays. My preference would be to keep high voltage away from the Onion relays (even if low current just controlling a contactor).

    Hope someone has some advice. There seem to be a lot of devices out there but I've no idea on what is actually a good solution.

  • I just bought something random and hoped it would do the job.. it does

    alt text

    Solid state relay to control the 1kW load ( http://amzn.to/2grrQSh )

    I'm then using the easy to access jumpers on the temperature sensor to feed 3volts into the solid state relay via the relay expansion which is behind the oled display.

  • Hi mate, out of curiosity is there a reason you have the compass behind your power wire?

  • Good spot.. only because it is attached the same tool that has a thermometer on it too. The thermometer was my main way to tell the temperature in the office before I got the Omega setup.

    Compass is, clearly, useless when vertical (and next to power conduit).

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