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Omega2 doesn't boot at all

  • I backed the project on kickstarter. It arrived about a week ago. I've tried to power it on via the directions on the docs web site. I have the Omega2+ with the Expansion Dock. It's never booted (the light has never come on). The docs don't include this as a troubleshooting item.

    How do I get it fixed? There doesn't seem to be any official support from the Onion web site either…

  • please check out the link on top of the page ... and yes ... they are overloaded with shipment, you need do be patient ... but in meantime do what is written in the document.

  • @Remy-Sharp

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble. If you're still experiencing issues, please provide us with the info outlined in the issues guidelines.


  • @Remy-Sharp I made a thread with close-up shots of my working Omega2+, perhaps you could grab a magnifying glass and pore over yours, comparing to mine, and possibly spotting if there are any solder-bridges or such visible? The issue could also be underneath the metal-shielding, but I am not quite willing to remove it on the only Omega2+ that I have.

  • Hi

    Absolutely take your magnifying glass out and thoroughly inspect all soldering. On mine, which also didnt boot no lights etc, it was faulty soldering which caused a bridge. So took out my sharpy knife and made a small cut in between the two soldering pads and low and behold working fine now..

    Now how to get wifi working so it connects to my router is totally different matter...


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