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Disable AP and set static IP

  • Just got my Omega2+'s, they're working fine.

    As I would like to do a more secure Wi-Fi setup, I am wondering how I can:

    • Set up a static IP
    • Disable the AP and make the Omega a "standard" wifi client

    I have tried to disable the AP from the Onion Console, but that setting doesn't seem to do anything.

    Anyway, as I can easily access the serial console, I would actually prefer to do the above through command-line. I have done a few experiments with the /etc/config/network and /etc/config/wireless files, but I couldn't come up with a fully reliable configuration.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Did you check out the wiki (even if it was made for omega1, similarities are still there) ... i guess there are several hints how to set a static IP.

  • I also have some trouble setting a static IP address

    What I tried and know so far :

    The settings are stored at this location /etc/config/network
    You can find info on the parameters there :

    I setup a static ip address for interface wwan with option proto 'static'
    I also setup the right gateway and then reloaded the network settings with /etc/init.d/network reload

    The static IP address is there after I reload the config, and I can ping the Omega and from the Omega I can ping my router

    The problem I have is that internet access is not working anymore. I think it might be a DNS issue.

  • I've found the same thing in my efforts to do the same.

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