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Omega2 Power up issue - resolved

  • Hi all,
    I've just received my Omega2 with the Arduino dock but have not been able to connect to it (the wifi ap doesn't show). I've powered the Arduino board via micro USB and can see the amber light come on for around 35 seconds before the light switching off. All while the blue light on the expansion board remains on.

    I've used the same cable/steps to power an Omega1 (which has an expansion board) which works fine. Also, is it possible to use the Omega2 chip with the older Omega1 expansion board?

    Any suggestions?

  • Got this working now - the issue was that without the laptop being plugged in to a power source there wasn't enough power being fed to the USB ports and thus to the Omega2.

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    @Serdar-Kilic glad to hear its resolved!

  • Related to the post I have a question. I usually use the USB port from a laptop to supply the Omega, but is is not possible to use a phone charguer to connect the Omega to the wall? I mean a ordinary USb adapter to plug.

  • It might be possible, if the cell phone charger provides 5v. The standard iPhone brick does not provide enough to power mine, but I am using a BlackBerry one I had sitting around. I am also a fan of the Anker charging hubs, I have a few of those around as well, so I can charge multiple USB devices (GoPros, helmet cam, phone, tablet) at once. that works as well.

    Check the power output to verify it is pushing enough.

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