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Wasted Topic response

  • Some (LS) find it necessary to respond to a call for help with corrections to methodology of the requester s question or scolding on the availability of the answer somewhere in the database rather then just answering. And if you don't know just remain silent rather then taking time to burden the site with links. That was for you LS.

  • Dear guest! I understand your frustration. User's editing skills varies from people to people. However, some people just don't care and only want their own little problem fixed quickly and free, i.e. with little or no effort from the original poster. This kind of behavior is not very appreciated among the community. The advice is: show you are genuine, put some effort to learn, get your hands dirty, and help the helpers help you.

  • @Guest To be quite frank, formatting of a post does matter. The easier the post is to read, the easier it is for people to take part in the discussion -- I, for example, just can't be arsed to spend my time trying to read a jumbled mess, when I could read 5 easy-to-read posts in the same time and possibly provide some useful advice in them. If one isn't willing to spend a wee bit of effort in making a coherent post with good formatting, then why should someone else expend effort in helping, either?

    Luciano S did come off as a tad rude, yes, but he also had a valid point. On the other hand, you are complaining about him burdening the site with links, and yet, here you are making new, not-particularly-useful threads of your own. Pot and kettle, IMHO.

  • This was a rhetorical post.

  • @fossette Agree šŸ™‚
    There are some people who really want to be spoon fed the answers without doing the work themselves. I suspect that they don't actually realise that this forum is largely composed of private individuals and are not getting any recompense for the work they do and the advice they give.

  • @Guest said in Wasted Topic response:

    This was a rhetorical post.

    But not very useful for none of us ... if you wanna get personal make a correct Profile again and send me personal messages (I still see you as guest, since you deleted several of your ugly posts and copy and paste of the wiki)

    But till today you not got it, If you wanna be a part of a community you have to do your part to to solve a problem (as fossette said). If you just com here and want to complain, nobody will help you out again.

    So @Rudy-Trujillo, come back (and don't forget your turkey avatar) or stop being rhetoric šŸ˜›

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