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SFTP on Omega 2+ [RESOLVED]

  • Hi, I'm trying to mount my Omega2+'s filesystem using sshfson my linux box but seems that the Omega doesn't have a SFTP server running. Reading older post the recommendation is installing openssh-sftp-server but the package isn't on the repositories. Is there any other repository from where I can download it or any way to cross-compile the package from source?

    Thank you,

  • @jorgegarciadev This post from Kit may be of help to you:

    Personally, I use the WinSCP program with the SCP protocol. This one works as is with the Omega2+'s SSH implementation (Dropbear).

  • Thank you, didn't know about the commented repositories.

    EDIT: Again thank you, fossette. Found the package openssh-sftp-server on the reboot_packages repo. Now it's installed and working.

  • @fossette Yup - agree.
    My standard way of working from my Windows system is:

    1. Use WinSCP program to access file system and edit files - using SCP protocol to the IP address of my Omega over WiFi
    2. Use Putty to connect with command line - using SSH connection type to the IP address of my Omega over WiFi

    On my Linux system, I do:

    1. Set up a remote connection to my Omega over WiFi using ftp://root@ to access file system and edit files
    2. Similarly use Putty for command line access

  • Since some people are asking on private messages, to install openssh-sftp-server download the package from the repository with:

    wget http://downloads.lede-project.org/snapshots/packages/mipsel_24kc/packages/openssh-sftp-server_7.4p1-1_mipsel_24kc.ipk

    and install it with:

    opkg install openssh-sftp-server_7.4p1-1_mipsel_24kc.ipk

    I didn't uncomment the reboot_packages repo on /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf because I don't know if all those packages would cause any issues.

  • @jorgegarciadev said in SFTP on Omega 2+ [RESOLVED]:

    wget http://downloads.lede-project.org/snapshots/packages/mipsel_24kc/packages/openssh-sftp-server_7.4p1-1_mipsel_24kc.ipk

    hi dear

    the link above is updated to below:


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