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Auto-start Shairport after Bootup [SOLVED]

  • Hello everybody

    I'm new to the Omega and openWRT, I tried the "Streaming Music with Airplay" project with great success but here is my problem:
    I want Shairport to auto-start when the Omega is powered on (= plugged in), so i don't need to SSH into the Omega to start Shairport every single time.

    i looked at this tutorial but couldn't make it work for me, i don't understand how to write the script. (https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/techref/initscripts)

    I saw that there is a script to start it (S99shairport-sync), but i can't find the Omega on my Phone as an Airplay -Device.

    Can anyone help me here? Thanks!

    (please excuse my lack of knowledge and bad english, thanks)

  • @Foaly what command do you issue via ssh to start the "music"?

    adding the command to /etc/rc.local before the exit line is probably the easiest way to do it.
    ensure the command is executable with chmod +x programName

  • Please excuse my late reply, i bricked my Omega in the meantime, but i got it working again.

    I just typed "shairport-sync" in the console and it started.

    Now i added "shairport-sync" like you said to /etc/rc.local just before the exit line and now shairport starts when the Omega finished booting.

    Thank you Costas!

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