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New omega2 boots with Omega-0000 AP and wont let me connect

  • I just received two units of this chip. Omega2 and Omega2+. I powered it on using a typical 5v to 3.3 AMS1117 3.3 based circuit. The amber led didn't blink, however after a few seconds i was able to see the AP. For both omegas' the AP name was Omega-0000.!! I wasn't able to connect to it with the default password. Is there any way I can get it to work correctly.?

  • @vikram-reddy They definitely shouldn't have a name like that, the last part of the name should be constructed from the MAC-address. You could try to install new firmware via USB and seeing if that fixes it (see http://community.onion.io/topic/1154/omega-2-usb-firmware-install-after-brick-resolved ), but I doubt it -- it sounds more like that someone at the factory messed up and didn't flash the WiFi-firmware.

  • @vikram-reddy I have seen Omega-0000 quite regularly but for me it visibly changes in front of my eyes to the correct details.

  • I too now have an Omega 2+ with the Omega-0000 name. It had a regular MAC address based name until now. This happened after I upgraded with oupgrade -latest -force to 1.9 152. If I use the Omega-0000.local address the setup wizard starts.

  • @Anders-Öster a recent upgrade took my Omega to 0000 and it was stuck on that for hours until I edited the config file. Previously I have seen 0000 for a minute or so and then normally it allocates the correct details but not last time.
    I never use the local address and always go to as it seems much more reliable.

  • @WereCatf can you confirm if an Omega2 tries to get its MAC address from the start of /dev/mtd2 the way that other MT7688 systems typically do?

    Playing with a different MT7688 board, I zeroed that partition at one point, but was later able to trivially restore it from a backup. (was checking a hard-brick recovery process with a truly blank system)

    Thinking is if it's a flash partition that didn't get programmed, it could be a relatively easy field fix, depending if that partition is writeable in the Linux build or even only in U-Boot.

  • @Chris-Stratton Aye, it does. One of the scripts then takes the MAC-address and constructs hostname from it, too. There is a commit to LEDE, made a day ago, for mt76 to fix a MAC-address initialization bug -- I dunno if this is related or not.

  • @WereCatf Well, I'd at least be curious to see the (start of the) output of hexdump -C /dev/mtd2 from one of these problem boards. Granted the issue may well be elsewhere.

  • @Chris-Stratton I did briefly flash the newest official firmware earlier today and it did the same thing, ie. showing up as Omega-0000. The MAC-address is fine when I use my own image. So no, it's not the mtd2-partition that's messed up, it's in the firmware-image that the bug is in.

  • Hey guys!

    The very easy fix to this problem is to issue a updateHostname and your Omega will obtain its proper AP!
    Happy hacking!

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