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Omega2 not able to automount usb

  • Followed this guide (more or less) but usb disk is not mounted at startup. Below my /etc/config/fstab

    Thank you in advance for the help šŸ™‚

    config 'global'
    option anon_swap '0'
    option anon_mount '0'
    option auto_swap '1'
    option auto_mount '1'
    option delay_root '5'
    option check_fs '0'

    config 'mount'
    option target '/mnt/toshiba'
    option uuid '76782325-b70f6f90-f306ef7f-4f600850'
    option enabled '1'

  • I think I found the problem I am using the wrong uuid, How can I get the uuid of the usb disk from omega?

  • It's a fairly compact system without all the standard utilities and hooks, but see if perhaps one of the methods at http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/658/linux-how-can-i-view-all-uuids-for-all-available-disks-on-my-system might apply. If you find one that does that would be a great addition to the thread!

  • For now I got the right uuid from mac, but still do not work šŸ˜ž

  • Perhaps you can capture the kernel log from the console serial during boot (or dmesg via ssh afterwards) and see if there are any relevant complains.

    Off the top of my head, possible problems could be:

    • nothing is actually trying to mount the stick
    • it is trying, but as you apparently noted before, using the wrong UUID
    • it is trying, but before the USB stack and/or stick are ready; this is a fairly common problem in this kind of usage, and it can very from stick to stick and even be less than entirely deterministic.

    FWIW, part of what is appealing about the Omega's and similar router chips is that they can do useful things running from an SPI NOR flash and/or ramdisk, allowing one to avoid all the various failure modes of USB sticks and SD cards, so my personal preference would be to try very hard to do things in a more efficient way that would fit in the onboard flash; but everyone gets to make their own decision.

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    did you generate your fstab file with block detect > /etc/config/fstab ?

    it should capture the correct uuid

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