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Build your own power supply wiki

  • re: https://docs.onion.io/omega2-docs/hardware-prep-no-dock.html

    Please note the linear regulator IC LD1117 do need
    an input decoupling capacitor (0.1uF) and
    output filter capacitor (minimum 10 uF)
    <-- I recommend a much larger cap such as 1000uF 6V, better suited for peak WiFi power-on demand

    These two capacitors should not be omitted.

    Please modify the article.


  • I also tried to build my own power supply.
    I just followed the instruction in the wiki.
    But It doesn't power Omega2+ at all.
    the amber led goes off.
    I will try your recommendation.

  • When will something like this be available at a sensible price?


  • Trust me, some of these regulator ICs, if do not use the proper capacitors per data sheet specification,
    some of them may not even perform its voltage regulator function at all. I.e., output = input or just oscillate. It's a bad news for the poor Omega 2 down the stream.


  • Typically these types of regulators work okay without any caps at all. I've never had any issues with LM7805s etc. The Cin cap is only required if the input is far from the power supply filter. Since the input to the LD1117 is likely to be another regulated output this is redundant. The Cout cap will improve ripple rejection and stability. Note that in the LD1117 datasheet 1st paragraph it says only Cout is needed to improve stability.

    But I've never used this particular regulator before and so it sounds like good advice to use a large Cout because of the Wifi power draw.

  • @Costas-Costas said in Build your own power supply wiki:

    When will something like this be available at a sensible price?


    Just making sure.. That is the original Onion breadboard board?

    They have one for the Omega2 line and anyone on KS who spent $$ > something like 70$ got one for free. I cannot discuss it's price and things of that nature but if you were asking if one exists; yes it does.

  • Here are the images I took for someone who was asking earlier..

    alt text

    alt text

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