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My Omega2 Keeps rebooting !

  • I have made my custom board with UART0, UART1, ETHERNET, USB ports and everything seemed to work fine the first couple of days.

    The Omega2 powered up, I could access the AP, connect to my office Wi-Fi network, update to the latest firmware, download the "Terminal" , access the console, ssh login through PuTTY .... all worked perfectly.

    Bit, now, on power up, the Omega2 keeps rebooting endlessly. The AP comes on momentarily at times but it reboots before I can connect to it.

    I could log the output from UART0 but unable to resolve the issue. Held the FW RST pin High on power up and can get the 4 options but then I cannot find any information on what to do next !

    The log file is attached.....

    What is the problem and how do I resolve this ?!

    Thanks in advance


  • Just found a previous post with the exact same issue .... and the problem was with the power supply.

    I think mine is adequately powered, the board draws a max 250mA and my power supply circuit should be able to handle that along with the spikes....but will eliminate the power supply and see .....

  • Yes, it was the power supply circuit....used a 500mA regulator on 3.3V with a 1000 ufd capacitor on the output.....
    I am back on track !

  • @Shashi-Alabur Got your EXACT issue. It used to work with my current power supply and now it just reboots.

    Can you post a picture of what your powersupply / wiring looks like? I'd like to replicate it and see if it fixes my problem as well..

  • I almost always use this power supply configuration, or a slight variant of this.

    In my first trial, I had used AP7333-33 Regulator which was not able to supply adequate current to the Omega2.

    Replaced this with the MIC5209-3.3V and everything was fine !

    C4 need not be 1000UF, probably 100UF will also suffice.

    C3 needs to be used if the Regulator is not near C2.

    The MIC5209 may also be used after a 5V regulator like 7805.

    I always use a full bridge rectifier circuit so that I can use virtually any type of Power Adapter.


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