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I've had it!

  • @Jo-Kritzinger said in I've had it!:

    a guide to cross compilation for osx,linux and windows platforms with decent libraries to access the platform hardware efficiently.

    Sorry Jo, everything you cant expect from onion.io. We have to organize us also.

    Problem about cross compilation is that you need an "case sensitive os". Osx and Windows are not. That's why it gets so complicated with subsystem etc.
    This is definitely not onion.io 's problem.

    Btw. they made a nice tutorial for linux (where you could run in a virtualbox). Mistake was just that we never got all the config files. At least for OmegaONe.

    @onion @administrators @Global-Moderators are there some news about it?

  • @Luciano-S. Thanks for clearing that one up. Might be nice to have that lne printed in bold on the doc page as I, being a linux newbie, would never in a million years have figured that out. For someone new to Omega, Linux and cross compilers (and Docker images), there is a lot to become familiar with before anything starts to work and the required info is spread far and wide.

  • Thanks People for supporting my quest. To Onion: Just make Omega2 work in the most basic way. And document and explain every step of the way. Yes, I do mean Plug -n- Play, at least right after the box is opened. Even the experts will say "Wow, this is really neat/cool !" And the newbies will be more confident to charge ahead and learn a lot more. Onion will be more respected and they should respect our contributions too. I'm sure they do now, but in a disconnected way it seems.

    I've been participating in another Kickstarter program called Outernet. A global satellite information system for poor countries. Outernet has it's own set of very different problems, but still hardware and software. One difference: they are a very small outfit of very dedicated people. Improvements come quick and often because it's one goal centered. To get a no Internet group of people, Information. Not sure about Onion/Omega2. Just another CPU on a little board.

  • Just makes me wonder if there was a hardware issue to begin with.

    I have 2 Omega 2+ that have been great, save for my total noob mistakes. I may be the newest to this maker culture, and I have been able to get mine up and running countless times on different networks.

    It would be worth it to open tickets and see if there is a hardware issue. Or at least go through the Onion channels to get them looked at, rather than just community support.

    Good luck with them, I do hope you get them working. I have had a lot of fun and have learned a lot in the time I have had with mine.

  • @Don-DeGregori you'll be pleased to know that the Raspberry Pi Foundation have added WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 to their Zero. It's their 5th birthday today and the headline price for the Zero W is $10.
    Much more stock available this time around and I managed to pick up 3 quite easily from "different" suppliers.

    Great little product, plug and play with awesome support. Roll on the next 11 million out of the door.

  • @Costas-Costas Just saw that as well. Wondered why it was left off to begin with...

  • I guess it was left off to achieve the $5 price tag.

  • @Costas-Costas
    Didn't know there is a Pi Zero W till now! Thanks!

    I ordered the the Raspberry Pi Zero W yesterday to play around with while I wait for Omega2 to get it's many loose ends tied together. Adafruit had 57, now they have none! More on the way, I'm sure!

  • @Don-DeGregori ...so uh, how much can I compensate you for the goods, time, and effort to use your Omega2 while I wait for my other Omega2s to arrive? I'd like a replacement sooner than later and making friends with you seems like a win-win situation as no one can reach back in time and rewind your frustration. You can at least get your money back and delight a 6 year old at the same time.

  • @Brad-Chesney
    Hey, I'm not frustrated. I'm just hoping Onion gets frustrated, so they might figure out, they are biting off more than they can chew. Different with The CHIP. They can't make the chips fast enough. Not so with with Arduino or Pi. Timing, Timing, Timing. Especially with the IDE. It gets better with every release. The Omega product should have been 90% done. Kickstarter gives them the horsepower to manufacture it. We, out there help them with updates to make it finally a great product. What a bargain! Not so right now. Maybe later alligator.

  • @Brad-Buskey Right now, Your showweather program is the only project I have loaded. It sure works great! I don't know about you being a newie. Not in my book. Want to add GPS, but not until I get hotspot working. I thought I did, but soon as I shut off radio in radio in router, blank screen on display. Looks like Omega2 will only send data to wireless router. Tried many other fixes. No good. A reason I want hotspot mode is to demo the project at another location like a school. BTW the Moto-G hotspot mode works fine with my Android tablet. Can't find any reference to this subject in the Community. (Except yours) Probably not really mainstream. I guess I'll just wait.

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