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Is overheating normal?

  • Hi,
    as soon as my Omega 2 boots up, it gets crazy hot. I can grab it and hold it in my hands, but still I think it is extremely hot for such a small device.
    So, is this normal? Or is my Omega getting high voltage? BTW I'm powering it from usb ports only. Like, you know, power banks, usb wall adapters, my macbook usb port, etc.

  • @Eric-Min Omegas possibly run warm but not hot, unless powered at more than the unit's rating of 3.3- 3.6 volts. USB power is 5 volts ... is your Omega in one of the Onion docks, or did you power it directly with that USB power source? If not sure, can your use a VOM to measure the voltage across Omega pins GND and VIN?
    alt text

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