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Are there 2 versions of the Expansion Dock?

  • I just noticed that the Expansion dock I am using (from the first Onion campaign ) has a different pin out from the one in the documentation.

    Was there more than one version of the dock? In which case should I follow the documentation pin out for new dock given it is plugged into the Omega 2+ or should I follow the markings on the dock itself?

    I am mindful that I must not use some pins that are needed for the boot process so I don't want to make a mistake.


  • there have been some discussions about the first omega & omega2 expansion docks are not the same and omega2 will not work in first omega. i have not read the thread in awhile though.

  • @Douglas-Kryder

    omega2 will not work in first omega

    Umm.. mine is. Just the labels on the GPIO expansion differ a little. So I am not 100% sure where GPIO11 is for example because it is not shown on my dock.

    This is what it looks like:


    Also this dock still provides a console over USB. I've used that to debug wifi problems before.

  • @T-NT

    For the record it appears that despite label differences the GPIO assignments are the same. So I am able to use GPIO 0, 14, 18, 19, 23 and 26 no problem. I can probally also use 12 & 13 as well.

    This is good news for me because I had already hot-snoted my expansion dock in place and did not fancy pulling it apart again.

    Edit: Of course the pins are the same the names are as the Omega 2 dock though, so 14, 23,26 becomes 46,2,3. Simple to correct and all works fine now. šŸ™‚ What a mess of wires though šŸ˜›

  • I got the same issue, do you mean that GPIOX (as in python code) is controlling the GPIOX (as shown on dock)?

  • @Fai-Wong

    do you mean that GPIOX (as in python code) is controlling the GPIOX (as shown on dock)?

    I mean the electrical traces seem to be identical so where the GPIO pins are listed in the 2 dock they are actually still on the 1 dock. Just the names have changed. Basically I did not have to change the dock because I could still use the same GPIO pins as if it was a 2 dock but taking into account the gotcha of using GPIO pins 1 6 7 8 and 45 as per the annotated pinout otherwise the Omega might not boot.

    Handy. The hardware is built now and works fine just need to concentrate on the software.

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