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Yay! Got kit! Boo! Did not get addons...

  • So I got my kit and inside was everything was in there as promised. I wondered about the addons I ordered and I thought they'd be in the kit because there was the second Onion2+ I ordered as an add-on. If that was the case then I am missing the rest of my ordered.

    Here is my add-on order:

    • 2 I2C Adapters
    • 2 Socket Adapters
    • 1 Omega2+
    • 1 Humidity & Temperature sensor

    So did you all just put in the extra Omega2+ in the kit and stop? Or did you put in an extra Omega in the kit because of shipping delays with the kit?

    I do not have my addons and would like them, please.

    Backer #951

    Did put in a Service Ticket

  • administrators

    The I2C adapters, socket adapters, and the humidity & temp sensor are all Control Everything products.

    As mentioned in several Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign updates:

    To backers who ordered Control Everything products, your Onion products are part of this shipment, you will be getting a separate package from Control Everything.

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