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LEDE Packages in Wireless-Network category

  • Would it be possible to install Kali tools and have the Omega run certain Kali applications? I want to create a WiFi sniffer application for a security conference. This repository seems to have everything I need: http://www.tecmint.com/install-kali-linux-tools-using-katoolin-on-ubuntu-debian/

    Would this work?

  • After doing some more research, I can now make a more specific question: Which of the wireless---network category packages: https://lede-project.org/packages/index/network---wireless are available as an opkg package on the Omega2?

  • @Luciano-S. thanks, I have bookmarked that post. I haven't received the Omega2 and I wanted to make sure it was possible to install packages from source even if they are not in opkg list. After reviewing http://repo.onion.io/omega2/packages/ I realized not all packages on wireless---network category are on opkg. I think it should work based on the Octoprint 3D Printer Server Post

  • The really key question is if the binary only wifi driver will have the interfaces you need, or if the tentative open source one is yet to a point of being sufficiently functional.

    Building userspace packages is probably not the main issue.

    As a guess, you'd likely be better off with a more normal embedded device that can host a variety of USB wifi dongles using normal Linux drivers (and then choose whatever wifi dongle is considered best for your purposes); in theory an MT7688 system can host a USB wifi dongle in preference to the build in wifi, but it may be an unusual amount of headache to get it all working.

  • Puts down the popcorn

    ...Ok, ok.... after finishing a couple Pi 0 W projects, I was sitting here looking at my unused Omega2+ and thinking to myself... I wonder if anyone has shoehorned Kali into one of these, or maybe got Wifite and supporting tools to work. A couple seconds with my friend Google, and here we are. I have now seen the purpose of owning this thing. Lets do this.

    I am a padowan in the linuxverse, but this is a project I'm very interested in trying out. I have the Onion Arduino adapter and a Ralink 3070 wifi adapter sitting here.

    Give me some commands to try.

    BTW, I already went down the road with katoolin on a previous project. Kali is now rolling and, as time goes on, there will be more and more of a compatibility divergence that scripts like katoolin will have to bridge. I finally gave up on that and just found a Kali fork that worked on my hardware.

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