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Zif socket for Omega2

  • Does anybody have a source for a Zif socket for the omega2+? I am going to be doing some production runs and would like to simplify the install/removal of the Omega2 in the test/programming fixture.

    I have done some searching. I can find sockets with 24.5 mm row spacing, but they are all 2.54mm pitch not 2.0mm

    Maybe someone on the Onion Dev team has a source?

  • Why not put pogo pin pads on your application specific carrier, so you can program and test in situ, in a way that includes your whole setup?

  • @Chris-Stratton

    I have only had 2 fresh/blank Omega2 units to test with, but for some reason the completely new Omega will not power up in my production board.

    It's likely due to the fact that there is some pullup/down resistor on a GPIO preventing the Omega2 from starting up.

    So as a fix until I figure that out I wanted to Zif the Omega2 into a blank version of my board with only power and network connectivity. While there I will go through the initial start up of the Omega2. Then transfer it to it's final production board for the rest of the updating.

    However, pogo pins is a good idea. I could build a board with a verison of a pogo pin mean to contact a male header pin.

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