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Interesting oupgrade problem and the fix

  • I just got an Omega2+ and oupgrade kept failing with

    Device Firmware Version: 0.1.5 b130
    Checking latest version online...
    ERROR: Could not connect to Onion Firmware Server! Check your internet connection and try again!

    I could use opkg, ping sites, and wget sites.
    So to debug this in console I used +x option on ash (the shell) as follows:
    sh +x /usr/bin/oupgrade
    That shows the shell script in action.
    A few lines about the final failure message was:

    I scratched my head. WAIT "not yet vaild" on a SSL certificate -- like in was issued in the future or DOH the omega2p was in the past!

    The date command returned Wed Nov 23 02:13:06 GMT 2016, not good.
    The date is not automatically set and ntp wasn't running (used ps | grep ntp to check).
    I set the date with date -u -s '2017-06-04 01:27:30' then tried oupgrade again.
    Seems like it is working. It has just typed "Sending TERM to remaining processes ... onion-helper udhcpc S79wifimanager wifimanager udhcpc packet" and disconnected.
    Onion amber LED didn't come back on though. I may be in for more FUN.

  • you might want to go through the setup process by using browser to navigate

  • Tried that first. The oupgrade script will fail is clock is in the past.

  • Setting the time locally worked for me too. The real solution would be to fix the time it's pulling via ntp or lack there of. I attempted to update uci with 0.pool.ntp.org, with no joy. How do you fix the NTP daemon?

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