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Need to migrate a project from Arduino to Omega2+ Linux - any ideas

  • Title sorta says it all. I have a project in the works using a pair of Arduinos. They communicate back and forth via RFM69 radios. I want to convert the base station to UNIX/Linux, but retain the Arduino remote sensor system as it's battery operated, and very battery friendly.

    Anybody have any ideas on how to convert Arduino code to something that'll run on the Omega2+? I'm sorta programming language neutral, as I have already install GCC, and Python, and am fluent in other (probably archaic) languages.

    I'm not interested in solutions that utilize the Arduino dock, even though I do have one of those, as well.

    TIA, Jim

  • interesting concept but without specifics on what you want a omega to do its almost impossible to offer help.

  • You may take a look at my project: https://github.com/Patryk27/Omega2-GPIO

    You should be able to port any Arduino code to Omega, but you need to take care for eg. global constructors (Gpio::initialize must be called first).

    Most likely you'd also need to change your program's priority (read about pthreads) or use some real-time Linux patches (I had big problems with driving a PS2 mouse with normal program's priority).

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