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How to turn-off LEDs on Omega2 Expansion Dock and Omega2

  • I've been doing a lot of searches on how to turn-ff the LEDs completely, but nothing is working on my Omega2 Expansion Dock and Omega2.
    I've seen the documentation on how to turn-off the RGB LED on the Omega 1 expansion dock, which doesn't apply here.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • @Enrico-Bermudez
    Onion Omega2 Documentation

    turn OFF
    echo gpio > /sys/class/leds/omega2\:amber\:system/trigger
    fast-gpio set 44 1

    turn ON
    echo default-on > /sys/class/leds/omega2\:amber\:system/trigger
    fast-gpio set 44 0


    The RGB LED on the Expansion Dock consists of three LEDs that give you the ability to create RGB colors on the Expansion Dock.
    GPIO 17 controls the red LED. GPIO 16 controls the green LED. GPIO 15 controls the blue LED.
    The RGB LED is active-low, meaning that setting the GPIO to 0 will turn on the designated LED.

    So in the next commands n must be 17, 16 or 15
    gpioctl dirout n

    turn OFF the R, G or B LED
    gpioctl dirout-high n
    fast-gpio set n 1

    turn ON the R, G or B LED
    gpioctl dirout-low n
    fast-gpio set n 0

    See also Using the Omega’s GPIOs

    On Omega2 with 0.1.10-b160 firmware the above commands should work for you too 😉
    I don't fully understand what does the 'BATTERY LED' or the 'BATTERY LEVEL' tag mean here.

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